Aluminum paste is a paste-form compound made from aluminum flake particles, homogeneously incorporated in a solvent. A variety of solvents may be employed, including both low and high flash point types. Detailed information on the fire and/or explosion hazards associated with a specific paste formulation may be obtained from the Material Safety Data Sheet supplied with the shipment and in discussions with the paste supplier.

Handling and storage of ALBA Aluminium paste is simple and easy.


– Perform storage in conformity with local law and regulations. (Also see MSDS)5

– Original drums should always be kept tightly closed. After having taken out partial quantities of aluminium, the drums must be carefully closed and seal again in order to avoid penetration of moisture and prevent the paste to dry out.

– Keep away from direct sunlight, rainwater, and excessive humidity. Store indoors in dry and moderate temperature, at no more than 30°C and preferably at 15°C–25°C.

– For leafing grades, in the event of stearic acid separation (apparent as whitish powder or grain) heat the ALBA paste to 30 °C–40°C in its container without exposure to any direct flame or ignition source and then mix well to ensure a uniform dispersion before use. In such cases, particular caution is necessary in opening any container due to the possibility of solvent vapor formation as a result of the heating.

– If swelling occurs in any ALBA paste container during storage, before opening the container, slowly release the internal pressure and prevent the lids violent release. Special caution is necessary in such cases to ensure that the working area is well ventilated and completely free of any ignition sources, because of a high probability of hydrogen gas being present in the container.

– If separation of the solvent and aluminium flakes occurs as an effect of vibration during transport or certain storage conditions, thoroughly mix the ALBA paste to obtain a uniform dispersion before use. Such separation generally does not modify the quality or performance of the ALBA paste.