Aluminum paste is a paste-form compound made from aluminum flake particles, homogeneously incorporated in a solvent. A variety of solvents may be employed, including both low and high flash point types. Detailed information on the fire and/or explosion hazards associated with a specific paste formulation may be obtained from the Material Safety Data Sheet supplied with the shipment and in discussions with the paste supplier.

Handling and storage of ALBA Aluminium paste is simple and easy.


– Perform handling in conformity with local law and regulations. (Also see MSDS)3
– ALBA in paste form, does not pose itself a dust explosion hazard, but any powder formed by its drying will pose a hazard of dust explosion if permitted to disperse in air at or above the explosion limit concentration.
– Handle ALBA paste well away from any ignition source, to prevent ignition of its constituent solvent. In the event of ALBA paste ignition, extinguish with a dry powder extinguisher or sand extinguisher. Never use water!
– Avoid exposure of ALBA paste to water, acids, alkalis, oxidizers, metal oxidizers, or halides, as its exposure to any of these may result in generation of hydrogen gas.
– First aid
In case of skin contact, wash with soap and water.
In case of eye contact, flush eye with clean water for 15 minutes and get medical attention.

– Disposal
Disposal must be performed in conformity with local law and regulations.

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